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Another universe

Another Earth like planet, they called it “Gaea-Colt”, or “GAT”.

20 years prior to the millennium, GAT's technology advanced at exponential rate, Nanotechnology, Quantum Communication and CRISPR/Cas 9 Gene Editing has become the 3 sisters of Fate in the new era, overriding the importance of religions, and just before any new religion could bring faith back to humanity, war had broken out... ... a new kind of world conflict: Non-Nuclear World War (NNWW).

After the Third Non-Nuclear World War (NNWW), eight largest corporations – The Eight Elders took over all nation states, all public services were either privatized or semi-privatized, police forces replaced by security companies, the social welfare segment taken over by insurance corporations, legal system governed by AI and privileged human council oversight.

At the peak of human civilization, or so it seems, came the greatest set back: the outbreak of Universal Multiple Systemic Organ Failure “UMSOF, a.k.a The Scourge, an unknown and untreatable disease that plagued all galactic settlers. Quarantine was strictly enforced under the Elder's order, all colonies were abandoned, all sky ladders were shut down and disconnected.

This outbreak shook the Eight Elders to its very foundation, especially the leader of the eight, founder of the “New Frontier” program – 33 Industry was severely damaged, with the chairman Mr. Yenzen WHITE forced to step down, followed by massive restructuring and liquidation of most of her assets.
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Original story by 33 Industry


“ZERO” Personal File:

Name: Unknown
Code name: “ZERO”
D.O.B: Unknown
Cyborgization:  Body 80% synthetic
Limbs replaced by G5 Military grade prosthetic limbs
Specialty: Firearms, bladed weapons, hand-to-hand combat, multiple vehicle skills, operation command and cooking
Weakness: Children
Alliance: Former contractor of Danger's Door, current Captain of Unit 4
Known Associate: Amber White, daughter of Yensen White, founder of 33 Industry
Threat Assessment: EXTREMELY HIGH! Subject is expert in counter intelligence, avoid contact, direct or indirect.

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