Time War Part I: Yuan Kong

Yuan Kong Accessories

Time Wars: Yuan Kong

“TIME WAR : Yuan Kong” is about one of the twelve clans of creatures on planet “Amie” - Monkey, in search of the traitors who betrayed planet “Amie”. Yuan Kong was in human form on planet Earth, at the age of twenty, during a rescue mission, a mutation occurred where Yuan Kong was transformed into an Ape, and as he twisted the rock of void, a Hi-Tech laboratory filled with advance armor and weapons was opened, Yuan Kong, now in ape form, put on the armor and thus began the Time War.

The first release from the new series is a deluxe 1/6 Yuan Kong figure produced with Gate Toys.  The monkey hero comes with the crazy Mystic Being Steel Ox-Crimson Flame dioramaand is fully equipped with two full sets of armor (Leather and Jet Propulsion), six hands (3 Time Traveler Gloves and 3 Ape hands), and a full arsenal including a Dragon Rod, Flame Blade, ‘Dragon’ machine gun, and more.