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GATE TOYS proudly presented at @ Indonesia Comic Con by Juraganmainan & 1st STEP

Heartfelt thanks to our sole distributor Juraganmainan in Indonesia, and our facilitator 1st Step from Australia, GATE TOYS is honored to be able to introduce to collectors and fans in Indonesia our original design co-creations with designers from Hong Kong and China at the Indonesia Comic Con 2018! Special thanks to our designer Mr. Calvin Lo for bringing over the prototypes of all our 1/6 scale projects, including our original designer series "League of Demon Hunters", "Project Obsidian: Zero" with 33 Industry, "Bemaul" with Ghost Hand Studios, as well as his own "Motopsycle: mGT" & "Z.E.U.S Armor" under the designer brand Calvin's Custom. As our first overseas exhibition, we are extremely delighted and grateful for the warm welcoming and appreciations from the sophisticated fans and collectors in Indonesia, and look very much forward to bringing more original design 1/6 scale collectibles to them!

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