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“BeMaul” Series Part 1: “Zhuó” 1/6 One Sixth Scale Original Design Collectible Action Figure by Gho

“BeMaul” Series Part 1: “Zhuó” 1/6 One Sixth Scale Collectible Action Figure Original Design by Ghoshand Studio AGATE TOYS Production In the world of “BeMaul”, human civilization had gone through tens of thousands years of degeneration, mankind slowly faded out on the planet. Wars had made the size of human population shrunk drastically, nation states dissolved, the world is separated into tribes; all forms of technology were lost, so were language... the only thing remains is the concept of race, most part of the planet returned to the age before human, except in some places, ancient human civilization lingered and hope for revival. “BeMaul (比摩)” are the remaining 12 human from different races and tribes, the first one is called “Zhuó”, whom is the 897th cyborg created by a corporation called “kuǐ 13 Industry”. In a launch operation, he accidentally discovered that in the vessel named “Chóng Jiǔ” “蟲灸”, there was a newborn baby that is being carried, from there on “Zhuó” entered a web of conspiracies and treacheries in the attempt to revive the human race... * Zhuó (濁) **kuǐ (傀) means Muppet *** Chóng Jiǔ (蟲灸) means Worm Burnt “比摩”系列試圖描繪人類文明進去長達數萬年的漫長衰退期,人類逐漸退出自然的舞台時的景像。經過戰爭的踐踏,人類數量銳減,已經無能力恢復國家機能,分化成無數的孤立的族群分散在世界各地,人們重新尋求宗教的藉慰,鼎盛文明時期的科技早已失傳沒落,本來統一的語言和文字被遺棄,民族的概念卻被保留了下來,人類一切都恢復到最自然平靜的時代,靜靜地順從著大自然的安排。 然而在世界的某些地方,人類舊文明時期的陰魂仍未散去,他們試圖找尋恢復往日輝煌的道路。 “比摩”分為十二支,來自不同民族的12個人,首款為其中一支,名為“濁”,他是隱藏在遺留下來的一家名為“傀十三重工”公司的第897批改造人,在一次發射任務中,他們無意間打開名為“蟲灸”的艙蓋,發現公司要發射的竟是幼小的嬰兒,於是“濁”踏上了揭開這陰謀的道路……

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