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GATE TOYS League of Demon Hunters Chapter 2 coming soon

Where there is light there must be shadow... …When the forces of Good and Evil lost its balance, men and women with special power to resist and expel demonic spirits appear, they are called the “Demon Hunters”...

Coming soon from GATE TOYS in the Original Concept & Design League of Demon Hunters series, a New Generation of Hunters from across the globe, such as Taoist “Máoshān” (崂山), Tibetan "Mìzōn" (密宗), Japanese “Onmyouji” (陰陽道), Thai “Voodoo” (巫毒) and "Shamanism" (薩滿) in the Americas, will soon join force to take on insurging demonic force and safe guard humanity.

GATE TOYS 驅靈聯盟系列來自世界各地的驅靈接班人即將陸續登場!!!

#GATETOYS #LeagueOfDemonHunters #OneSixthScale #ActionFigure #OriginalDesign #OriginalConcept #Maoshan #Taoism #MakeItHappen

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