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GATE TOYS X SANK TOYS Project: FINDING, introducing Concept Artist Shawn from SANK TOYS

GATE TOYS is delighted to come into collaboration with yet another designer: Shawn from SANK TOYS. Shawn is a renown concept artist for blockbuster Tencent's Mobile Game “Honor of Kings” 《王者榮耀》(2015) and CG animated featured films “Spacehero”《超能星》(2013), as well as full-time illustrator of CHINA CHILDREN'S PRESS & PUBLICATION GROUP中國少年兒童出版社

GATE TOYS will be collaborating with Shawn in his original design 1/6 action figure from his original concept and story: In 2736, a computer virus corrupted all the artificial intelligence on Earth and ended the human race in a global nuclear war. Nuclear radiation altered the planet's habitat, the Earth rolled back to somewhat like the age of dinosaurs, where enormous mutated animals roam the world, many have evolved from the severely radioactive surface to the sky. In an accident, a teenager coded “Raven” was awaken to the new world. He was created under a program called “The Ark” by one of the nations before the global nuclear war, a hybrid being combined human with animal DNA, with no reproductive function. Raven's mission is to find other “companions” and search for the DNA that allows reproduction.

The corrupted Artificial Intelligence continues to invade the realm of living things, in the attempt to create non-biological life-form. A hybrid protector of all the living things on Earth, in search of a DNA that can revive the human race; up against a self-aware Artificial Intelligence that believes non-biological life-form is the only right path of evolution... A new war between the two has dawned.

Teen and the Beast An aerial warfare unlike anything ever seen in the planet's sky. A journey in search of companionship. FINDING Coming soon

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