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GATE TOYS X 33 Industry <Project Obsidian Vol.2: IRON STEED 铁馬>

GATE TOYS X 33 Industry <Project Obsidian Vol.2: IRON STEED 铁馬> Eisen AUGUST a.k.a IRON STEED, commander of 33 Industry Special Task Force, murderer of ZERO's unit... Coming Soon!!! Background story: ... soon after ZERO's BADLAND Unit left the stronghold, they were intercepted by a 33 Industry special task force led by Eisen AUGUST a.k.a IRON STEED. The unit was taken down one by one, and just when they tried to call for reinforcement, the stronghold was destroyed by a missle, Amber was captured by 33 Industry and the entire team except ZERO was wiped out. In his desperation, ZERO attempted to self-destruct to stop IRON STEED, at the same time Amber suddenly unleashed her special power and created an electromagnetic blast, all electronic and digital equipment were busted, only the “G.H.O.S.T” system in ZERO's main frame remain activated, but his synthetic limbs was also shut down. Soon after this, both Amber and ZERO disappeared amid the chaos, 33 Industry was unable to track their whereabouts due to the blast... Original Story by 33 Industry

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