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"Sirene" statue from Go Nagai's (永井豪 ) "Devilman" (惡魔人) based on the illustration by Katsuya Terada (寺田克也) in production.

November 11, 2018

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GATE TOYS 1/6 League of Demon Hunters : Paul the Holy Disciple up for PRE-ORDER

August 4, 2017

GATE TOYS 1/6 scale Original Design “League of Demon Hunters” Part I – Paul the Holy Disciple

Where there is light there must be shadow... ….
Good versus Evil, the eternal dichotomy that plagues mankind since the beginning of time.
At times when the forces of Good and Evil lost its balance, men and women with special power to resist and expel demonic spirits appear, they are called the “Demon Hunters”

Spent 10 years protecting the town single handedly with his “gifted ability”, Paul the Holy Disciple, has been studying the Demon Hunter's Journal left behind by his mentor, and puzzled by a mysterious symbol contained in it . One day, Paul accidentally discovered the secret behind that symbol and realized his true mission in life, thus began his amazing journey as a Demon Hunter, meeting others like him from around the world through the Time Gate, and forms the League of Demon Hunters, together they protect mankind from demonic invasion.





“League of Demon Hunters” Part I – Paul the Holy Disciple includes the following:

1 x Lifelike normal version headsculpt


1 x Lifelike wolfman version headsculpt


1 x Full articulated body

7 x Interchangeable hands (5 Combat gloved hands + 2 x Wolfman hands)

Costume and Accessories :


1 x Holy disciple's hat

1 x Waistcoat and tunic


1 pair of Horse rider pants


1 x Luxurious overcoat

1 pair of detailed sculpt rider boots


1 x Tactical leather belt


2 x Gadgets waist pouches

1 x Holy cross necklace

1 x Hexagram protective charm

1 x Time travel hourglass


1 x Seal of covenant

1 x Jade rock


1 x Seal of Holy Disciple


1 x Seal of League of Demon Hunters

1 x Demon Hunter's Journal


Weapons :

1 x “Chaser“ Silver Bullet Pistol


1 x “Angel Storm” Winchester 1873 Rifle

1 x “Thunder Roar” Hammer


2 x “Comet” Stakes

8 x Silver Bullets


1 x “Cupid's Wrath” Sword

1 x “Holy Ray” Cross

1 x Demon Hunter's Tool Case

7 x Candles

4 x Bottles of Holy Water

1 x Sheep skin water bottle

Diorama Base:


1 x Tomb of Dracula deluxe diorama base (32.5cm x 32.5cm) with remote control Light-Up function

1 x Life size wearable Ring of Dracula (metal)

(Shipping Worldwide Included)

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