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The Journey to《YUAN KONG》, an exclusive interview with Winson Ma @ Winson Classic Creation

Interviewer:TAM @ GATE TOYS


We are delighted to have the first creator to collaborate with Gate Toys, founder of Winson Classic Creation (Hong Kong), master action figure designer Mr. Winson Ma, to share with us the concept and development of “Yuan Kong” 1/6 scale action figure.

TAM:I have been a huge fan of the “Brothersworker” series for years, it is such an honor to finally able to meet with you via your collaboration with Gate Toys, thank you for taken time out for this interview Master Ma!

MA:My pleasure, thank you for having me.

TAM:My first impression of the currently fast selling “Yuan Kong”, is that it is quite different from all your other designs, would you mind sharing with us how the concept of “Yuan Kong” came about?

MA:I created “Yuan Kong” 10 years ago and had been looking forward to have it mass produced. I love Journey to the West as a child, remember watching this animation of Monkey King rampaging through heaven in the Mainland, ever since then I had been fascinated by the character of Monkey King, and for the Hong Kong Anime & Comic Con. In 2007, I decided to create my own version. TAM:I heard that “Yuan Kong” has a pretty impressive background story, mind sharing with us what it is about? MA: “Yuan Kong” is actually based on an original story I made, and makes no reference to the Journey to the West storyline. “TIME WAR : Yuan Kong” talks about one of the twelve clans of creatures on planet “Amie” - Monkey, in search of the traitors who betrayed planet “Amie”. Yuan Kong was in human form on planet Earth, at the age of twenty, during a rescue mission, a mutation occurred where Yuan Kong was transformed into an Ape, and as he twisted the rock of void, a Hi-Tech laboratory filled with advance armor and weapons was opened, Yuan Kong, now in ape form, put on the armor and thus began the Time War. TAM:Such an amazing story, should be made into a film! MA: Indeed, my ultimate dream to find the right investor to turn this story into a motion picture. TAM:Having such great design and storyline, may I ask how you come to partner with Gate Toys to have it turned into an action figure? MA : I met Mr. Chu of Gate Toys by chance at an exhibition, not only do I admire his professionalism, but especially appreciate how he dedicates to support young designer to have their visions and ideas mass produced, I feel really honored to be able to work with him! TAM:In what aspects Gate Toys gave you the confidence to have your original design mass produced? MA:Mr. Chu and his team have years of experience in raw material (plastic) and manufacturing, they gave me many sound advice in terms of production, I am especially grateful for the help of their 3D modeling team. To create a great product, the team went great length to turn my vision into an actual products, from back and forth tailoring to use of material, I have had their full support the whole way through! TAM:Thank you so much for your trust in Gate Toys, are there future plans for the “Time War: Yuan Kong” series? MA: Sure, we have had such a great experience working together. Also, together we have created a collection of 2D graphics as well as video in the promotion of the series, please feel free to go have a look! TAM:Thank you so much for sharing the creation and development of “Yuan Kong”, taken this opportunity, please kindly share a few words to other artists and designers who would be working with Gate Toys in the near future. MA:As a designer, one must have their own beloved brand and creations, but try not to copy or mimic, one should develop one"s own style. Originality might not be a easy path to take, but sure has more loyal supporters in the long run. TAM:I personally think “Yuan Kong” is a very impressive creation, a must have! Million thanks again for taking this interview Master Ma! MA:Thank you, I hope collectors could spend sometime to appreciate the creations by Winson Creation, and “Yuan Kong” to be the first of many to come from us in your collection, your support would motivate us to extend the series!

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