Motopsycle: mGT

Motopsycle: mGT with human

Motopsycle: mGT w/ Terminator

Motopsycle: mGT Blue Prints

Motopsycle: mGT with Cyborgs

Motopsycle: mGT w/ Female

MOTOPSYCLE: mGT ~ Project Origin

Following the ‘heroes/heroines and their steeds’ tradition - Zorro with Tornado, Ghostrider with Hell Cycle, Wonder Woman with Pegasus, and Barb Wire with her Harley Davidson - Calvin Lo believes a two-wheeled vehicle would help enhance a character's presence and amplify the valor, menace or evilness that the character embodies.

Throughout 17 years of customizing, amongst many weapon mod, angel and cyborg designs, Calvin has never stopped customizing bikes. In 2016, he created four bikes - two post-apocalyptic Mad Max style, one inspired by the Bat-Pod in The Dark Knight and one inspired by the Moto-Terminator in Terminator 4.

In December 2016, GATE TOYS invited Calvin Lo to have one of my custom motorcycles mass-produced. Supported by a public voting conducted in April 2017 on Facebook, we decided to proceed with the Moto-Terminator inspired version.

After 4 months of fine-tuning the overall design, prototypes under the working title “MOTOTERMIN8TOR” were featured at the CICF (China International Comic Festival) and TTF (Taipei Toys Festival) in October 2017. A limited quantity of 50 sets were offered for pre-order in mainland China.

In January 2018, the project was renamed to "MOTOPSYCLE: mGT" nd was successfully funded on KICKSTARTER, a global crowfunding platform, the project is the first of its kind, where a total of ONLY 130 sets are produced worldwide.

MOTOPSYCLE: mGT ~ Specifications

Being a customizer has always been a form of madness, one that involves tearing things apart, constantly aiming for the ‘what-has-never been done’, in ways that ‘have never-been-tempted’. In this spirit, Calvin named this project MOTOPSYCLE: mGT - a weapon of mass destruction on two wheels, the Gran Turismo of war.


The 1/6 scale MOTOPSYCLE: mGT weights around 1.7kg, is approximately 40cm long, and 20cm tall and wide. It's comprised mostly of different grades of plastic with some alloy parts. Both the eyes of the cyborg skull headlight and the nuclear powered tank on top glow with LED lights powered by lithium battery.

Weapon Systems

MOTOPSYCLE: mGT has two weapon systems available (and an option to acquire both interchangeable systems if desired).

Weapon system 1 consists of two GAU-19/A (GECAL 50) Gatling guns that fire explosive rounds and two M134 MiniGuns that fire armor piercing rounds. Incudes two pairs of ammo belts that feed into two ammo drums via a twin feed system.

Weapon system 2 consists of two MARAUDER (Magnetically Accelerated Ring to Achieve Ultra-high Directed-Energy and Radiation) Plasma / Ray Guns and two Mini Spike Anti-personnel guided weapons (APGW) that fire up to 12 mini missiles.