Internationally renowned designer
Founder and creative director WINSON CLASSIC CREATION
President of the association of Hongkong artists association (2011 - 2009)

The “33” in “33 Industry” isn'meant to just numerical, it is actually one of the symbols in the 8 trigram in I Ching - 坤 Kūn , means Earth, which is the Chinese name of 33 Industry's creator Ken.Due to the complex design of “Zero” in Project Obsidian, Ken had spent 3 years looking for ways and manufactures to try have him mass produced but without success, until he met GATE TOYS.

Oil painter
Member of China Youth Artists Association, Guangdong Province Youth Artists Association
Founder of Guangzhou Yixuan brand

Calvin's Custom is the personal designer and customizer brand of Calvin Lo.

SInce 2012, Calvin has been accepting commissions to create custom 1/6 custom figures for collectors from around the world.

In 2017, Calvin was invited by GATE TOYS to develop his original design 1/6 scale MOTOPSYCLE, and was successfully funded on KICKSTARTER in January 2018.

In 2018, Calvin was invited by Toytally Rad Creations to design a series of 1/18 scale Archangels and Demons, to be coproduced by GATE TOYS and will go onto KICKSTARTER too.


Concept artist of best selling mobile games including Tencent's “Honor of Kings” 《王者榮耀》(2015) and CG animated featured films “Spacehero”《超能星》(2013)Full-time illustrator of CHINA CHILDREN'S PRESS & PUBLICATION GROUP

Gabencui嘎嘣脆 @ Tooth Fairy Studio

Gabencui a.k.a 嘎嘣脆 is the founder of Tooth Fairy Studio.
Since 2014, Gabencui has been creating original works and custom painting a variety of Garage Kitd.
In 2017, he founded Tooth Faoty Studio and will soon be releasing a series of works based on the 12 zodiacs in the Chinese Horoscope 《生肖十二相》 with the help of GATE TOYS.

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